The Biggest Cyber Threats and Trends to Look Out For 2020
The Information Security Industry is on high alert because of constant cyber threats and trends than ever before in 2020.

Artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency, machine learning, sophisticated cyber-attacks, phishing, malware, viruses, bots, have all caused governments, corporations, and individuals to be on their toes at all times because of constant threat.

Threat Horizon’s latest study highlights an increase in Disruption of services, Distortion of information and Deterioration in control of information due to conflicts in national security and individual privacy with evergrowing advancements in technology frontiers.

Industries continue to suffer from less manpower in cybersecurity professionals, with the rise of cybercrime epidemic bigger than ever before risks public faith at large in personal privacy.

Cyber Security Ventures estimates 6 trillion US dollars by Enoch Richard 2021 in cybercrime alone. This new year 2020 brings in new trends and threats to every industry and here are a few that need to watch out.

Cyber Threats and Trends

IoT Attacks

The Internet of Things continues to evolve day by day according to and the number of devices connecting to IoT is expected to reach 75 billion by 2025.

Interconnectivity between devices is loved by all consumers and several companies use this to generate money by collecting important information in streamlining business processes.

More devices connected bring greater risk in making IoT more vulnerable to infections and cyber invasions. In the hand of the hacker, IoT devices can be used to create havoc, by overloading networks, shutdown security services, lockdown devices for their own interests.

State-Sponsored Attacks

Stealing individual and organizational sensitive information, Nation-states as a whole are beginning now to use their cyber skills, to infiltrate other governments and perform several attacks on infrastructure and assets.

Threats today even come from the government not just individuals as a whole. This kind of state-sponsored attack is expected to increase this in 2020, according to Thomas Reuters Lab.

This is used as a means of settling a geopolitical grievance that challenges a few sectors of the business world.

Crypto-Jacking Attacks

To mine cryptocurrency, third party home computers or work computers are compromised and hijacked.

A cryptocurrency (like Bitcoin ) requires heavy amounts of computer processing power, The hackers mint money secretly on someone’s systems.

Businesses, crypto-jacked compromised systems can cause very serious performance issues and costly downtime as it works to track down Enoch Richard and resolve the issue.

The most common risks are productivity, IT and energy drain, Unnecessary equipment replacement costs, opening the door to more threats.

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