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Cyber Security, Operational Tech and Greentech

Axalton Groups mission is to tackle three key challenges of our era: cyber security, operational technology, and greentech. By addressing environmental, personal, business, and governmental safety, while enabling easy collaboration worldwide, we aim to move the needle for better quality of life, business, and government.

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We are committed to the social benefits of gold-standard sustainability practices and methodology. We apply this guiding principle to all of our innovation technologies, and within our corporate culture. From responsible use of human and natural resources to harmonious ecological processes, to combatting crime and pollution, we build everything for sustainability worldwide, so our goal of better quality of life exists for future generations.

Global technology for all sectors

Our global team, guided by progressive and humane leadership, selects, develops, and introduces best-of-breed technology worldwide. Our company focuses on team spirit, research & development, production, and distribution of unrivaled products and services.


Efficient & Effective






Commitment to innovation

Future technologies R&D


Cyber Security

Cyber Intel Matrix Threat Intelligence/Classical intelligene/Proactive protection /Protection of National Critical Infrastructure

Cygov Protects/Visualizes/Simplifies

Operational Technologies

DOTO System Structure/Compiles/Records

BSS Unit Commitment/Safety/Innovation

Green Technologies

Biomit Bountifulness/Protection/Health

Biofluid Stronger Crops/Evnironmentally Safe/No Chemical Residue

BioresQ Remediation/Green-Tech/Global Solution

Ozone Energy

Ozone Energy Chemical-free sterilization/Infection prevention/Surface and air decontamination


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Andras Patkai


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Ana Miletic

Sales Director Europe

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Balazs Vago

Sales Director USA

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Petra Hadnagy

Director of Operations

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Zora Gergely

Director of Business Development

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