Georgia suffered a massive cyberattack. Let’s take a look at similar incidents from recent history

Security incidents can happen because of many reasons—misconfigurations, vulnerabilities that are exploited, or successful social engineering techniques. These incidents may affect the data of people associated with a specific organization or geographic region. In this article, we’ll look at the recent security compromises that had their impacts felt at a national level.


Georgia’s largest cyberattack on October 28, 2019, impacted around 15,000 websites including government and media sites. The affected websites were defaced and then taken offline. Attackers breached into the network of Pro-Service, a local web-hosting provider to launch this attack.


It was reported on October 4, 2019, that the personal information of around 92 million Brazilians was auctioned on underground forums. The auctioned information was said to include email addresses, phone numbers, license numbers, profession, and more. The seller claimed that every record was authentic and unique.

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