More Than a Nutrient

Designed by Nature

More Than a Nutrient

Designed by Nature

Plant Nutrient Solution and Soil Repair

Biofluid™ is a vermicompost-based plant nutrient solution and bacteria fertilizer that can be used both as a soil treatment and as a foliar spray.

It is no longer enough to be organic, or go organic, and avoid GMO production. We must contribute to sustainable biodynamics in farming of any kind. We have a collective global mission to restore the balance of soil life while nurturing farm plants. Achieving this mission is the paradigm for a healthy diet and thriving ecosystem.

Biofluid™ is a natural plant nutrient solution prepared from a watery solution of vermicompost. It significantly reduces the harmful effects of bad weather, as well as yield loss from plant diseases. Bacteria in this solution produce vitamins, enzymes, and plant hormones, thereby supporting the plant’s physiological processes.

Arable crops

VINEYARDS and Orchards


Ornamental plants

Our ecological footprint measures our negative impact on nature. We need to compensate for our daily production and everyday life, their harmful emissions and devastating effects. We must seize each and every opportunity to improve the ways in which we operate, in order to protect and preserve the environment.

Biofluid™ enables a symbiotic life for plants, humans, and animals. It is entirely safe, and contains no added chemicals. The solution with a conscience, Biofluid™ provides great benefits for whole agricultural systems and the global environment.