Stethoscopes and Digital Stethoscopes


Stethoscopes are commonly used by healthcare professionals, particularly doctors and nurses, to listen to a person’s breathing and heart sounds. They are also used by other healthcare professionals such as paramedics, EMTs, and respiratory therapists.

Stethoscopes are an important diagnostic tool that can help healthcare professionals identify a wide range of abnormalities and conditions, including respiratory infections, asthma, pneumonia, and heart problems such as irregular heartbeats or murmurs.

In addition to being used by healthcare professionals, stethoscopes may also be used by medical students and other individuals who are learning about the human body and how to listen to and interpret various body sounds.

It is worth noting that while stethoscopes are a valuable tool for healthcare professionals, they are just one of many tools that may be used to diagnose and treat medical conditions. Other diagnostic tools and procedures may also be used, depending on the specific needs and medical history of the patient.

Digital stethoscopes

A digital stethoscope is a type of stethoscope that uses digital technology to amplify and transmit sounds from the body. Digital stethoscopes typically have a microphone that captures body sounds and converts them into digital signals, which are then transmitted to a speaker or headphones.

Digital stethoscopes are designed to improve the accuracy and clarity of body sounds, making it easier for healthcare professionals to identify and diagnose abnormalities and conditions. They may also have features such as the ability to record and store sounds, as well as visual displays that allow healthcare professionals to view the sounds in a more detailed and precise way.

Digital stethoscopes are commonly used by healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals, to listen to and interpret various body sounds. They are particularly useful for identifying and diagnosing respiratory and heart problems.

Digital stethoscope combined with simultaneous ECG


Dualscope by Axalton is a 2-headed digital stethoscope, with simultaneous ECG and PCG detection and evaluation for the heart and lung signals, with real time analysis algorithm backed with a cloud-based interface where the measured results can be relayed to health professionals or a hospital database. With its easy-to-use measurement method, it can tell in 1 minute if the heart has major abnormalities in electrical (ECG) or heart-valve relation, this can assure that the healthcare (cardiac care) system does not get overloaded by patients that have not been accurately diagnosed and as a result of this no expensive protocol has to be followed.

DualScope is a next-generation smart stethoscope that is optimized for two functions:
− Detecting and interpreting lung sounds in one mode and simultaneously
− Analyzing the electrical condition of the heart (ECG) and heart sound (PCG)